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Nuf & Co Accountants (formerly CP O'Shea & Co, Chartered Accountants) is a Rockhampton accounting firm helping personal and small business clients protect and potentially grow their wealth. At our Rockhampton accounting firm, we understand the need for a simple, uncomplicated tax return lodgement, and we are here to make that a reality. Our accountants can assist you with GST preparation, business activity statement (BAS) preparation, small business planning, auditing, superannuation tax planning and more!Do you live in a rural area? Rest easy knowing you can still receive specialist advice and services from a leading accounting firm with Nuf & Co Accountants. Our qualified accountants are happy to visit you at your property or business premises. This mobile service allows you to consult with professional accountants with extensive personal experience in the rural sector.We service Rockhampton and Central Queensland, right through to Blackall and Longreach.Speak to our friendly team at Nuf & Co Accountants today!
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